Urban Steel - Bulls Head on a Stand


Urban Steel - Bulls Head Sculpture 

Welcome to our Urban-inspired collection where engineering meets artistry! Presenting our Fighting Bull Head Sculpture on a stand, meticulously crafted from recycled metal parts and mounted on a reclaimed wooden base. With its bold design and modern appeal, this piece adds an urban edge to any space.

Key Features:

  • Urban Styling: Bold and sleek, this sculpture embodies the essence of urban styling.
  • Engineering Materials: Crafted from nuts, bolts, and recycled metal parts, promoting sustainability.
  • Industrial Artistry: Each piece is handmade with care, reducing environmental impact.
  • Modern Appeal: Perfect for contemporary spaces seeking a touch of industrial charm.
  • Dimensions: L 40cm x W 21cm x H 44cm, commanding attention on its stand.

    Add a statement to your urban-inspired living space by placing this Fighting Bull Head Sculpture in your living room, office, or Hallway. Its eye-catching design and sustainable craftsmanship make it a conversation starter and a unique addition to your contemporary interior. Let this sculpture redefine your space with its urban flair and eco-friendly allure.

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