Contemporary elegance meets heartfelt sentiment with our Bronze Sculpture of a Mother Kneeling with a Small Child. This striking piece of art showcases sleek modern styling combined with timeless warmth, making it a perfect addition to any home seeking a touch of sophistication. Crafted in a modern styling, this sculpture captures the essence of maternal love and tenderness in a way that is both eye-catching and emotionally resonant.

Key Features:

  • Contemporary design with sleek lines
  • Bronze modern styling for a sophisticated look
  • Heartwarming depiction of a mother and child
  • Dimensions: H31cm x W25cm x D9.5cm
  • Eye-catching and elegant addition to any space

This exquisite sculpture isn't just a beautiful decor piece; it's also the perfect gift, especially for new mothers or those celebrating the bond between mother and child. Whether placed on a mantelpiece, displayed on a side table, or showcased on a shelf, it will infuse any room with warmth, love, and contemporary flair.

Transform your living space into a haven of modern elegance with our Bronze Sculpture of a Mother Kneeling with a Small Child. Whether as a gift or a personal indulgence, this sculpture is sure to become a cherished focal point that evokes feelings of joy, love, and connection in any home.

Hand Painted Poly resin Figurine

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