Claudette Product Description

Claudette - Hand Painted Poly Resin Figurine

Introducing Claudette, a captivating embodiment of contemporary elegance and whimsy. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this hand-painted poly resin figurine boasts a striking contrast between its matte-finished face and the lustrous, floral white hair and dress. Claudette's charm is further accentuated by the presence of her devoted feline companion, Will, adding an endearing touch to any space.


  • Exquisite craftsmanship: Each detail of Claudette and Will is meticulously hand-painted, ensuring a unique and artful piece for your home.
  • Striking contrast: Claudette's matte finish creates a captivating contrast with her high-gloss floral white hair and dress, making her a standout addition to any décor.
  • Quirky and contemporary: Perfect for those seeking to infuse their living space with a touch of contemporary charm and whimsy.
  • Versatile decor: Ideal for various occasions including anniversaries, birthdays, housewarmings, and holidays such as Christmas and Mother's Day.
  • Unisex appeal: Suitable for all genders, Claudette and Will make a thoughtful and versatile gift option for anyone with an appreciation for distinctive home décor.

Where to place Claudette:

Claudette and Will are versatile enough to complement any room in your home. Place them on a mantelpiece or bookshelf to add a playful focal point to your living room. In the bedroom, they can bring a touch of whimsy to your bedside table or dresser. Their presence in a study or office space can inspire creativity and spark conversation among colleagues. Wherever they are displayed, Claudette and Will are sure to bring joy and charm to your surroundings.


Height: 32.7 cm
Width: 24.7 cm
Depth: 18 cm

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