Large Sea Lion Ornament

Welcome to our contemporary home décor boutique, where every piece adds a touch of charm and character! Meet our Large Sea Lion Ornament, affectionately named Andre. Crafted from poly resin, Andre boasts a stunning blue and exposed wood effect, meticulously detailed to capture the essence of a real sea lion. This wonderful statement piece is not only visually striking but also beautifully tactile, making it a perfect addition to your home.


  • Realistic detailing: The surfaces of these ornaments are intricately detailed to mimic the texture and appearance of a real sea lion.
  • Large size: With dimensions of L20cm x W14.5cm x D14cm, Andre commands attention and becomes the focal point of any room.
  • Unique design: The combination of blue and exposed wood effect adds a quirky yet sophisticated touch to your décor.
  • Tactile experience: Feel the texture and weight of this ornament, enhancing its visual appeal and tactile satisfaction.
  • Gift idea: Surprise a loved one with this unique and eye-catching ornament, perfect for sea life enthusiasts or anyone seeking a statement piece for their home.

Place Andre in your living room, on a side table, shelf, or mantle, where it can proudly display its charm and become a conversation starter. Whether you're decorating a beach-themed holiday home or simply adding a touch of whimsy to your contemporary space, Andre the Large Sea Lion Ornament is sure to delight and impress.

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